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Zen Cart Development

Zen Cart Development To Define Text Contents on Your Site




The new technology of language system in Zen Cart development package offered by us will help define the text contents in various display pages on the cart.





Obvious Benefits

Obvious benefits of using our Zen Cart development package and language system is that


  • You get the ability to run Zen cart in multiple languages at the same time depending on the preferences of your target audience.
  • At the same time you can use these language files to edit or change the text contents appearing on every page without requirements of any database programming language or services that are expensive.


Understanding Zen Cart Language Files

As the end user it would be important for you to know about the Zen Cart development package and the language files involved in it.


Ordinarily, they come in four categories

  • Global information files containing text used across the whole site and is usually stored in English.php
  • Page specific information that contains texts used in individual pages of the cart and is contained in language or PHP
  • Custom definitions of the website owner that would be required for the particular shop and
  • Default pages that are also complete pages used by Zen Cart that can be edited as and when required. It also offers you to create your own pages


Package Taking Care of Everything

Our Zen Cart development package takes adequate care of all these requirements and the files are constructed by highly proficient expert professionals using “define statement” features. With these “define statements” you can include text information in the template files using some CONSTANT.

Best part of it is that you won’t require any hard coding for the purposes.


Customizing to Client Specific Needs

Our Zen Cart development package can easily be customized commensurate to your requirements and budget. Any of the functionalities involved are changeable to suit your specific needs. Major requirements of customization would be in the field of categorizing, product cataloging, and maintaining their flow.


Easy Addition of New Modules

Whatever product or services you might be promoting on the web, our Zen Cart development package can take care of frequent changes in modules. In addition our innovative expert professional team is on the job 24/7 producing new modules to suit your designing and workability requirements.

Having all the required functionalities like calculation, VAT, taxes, discounts, orders, currency options, and many others are the major benefits of using Zen Cart.


Our Zen Cart development package is not meant to make empty promises but to give you positive results.