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Pay Per Click

When most people think of drawing traffic to their sites, they only think of search engine optimization. Let’s face it however: while SEO is a good method, not all websites will gain traffic from it as there are far too many websites on the web. Even if all of them were good, they would not fit on the first page. Pay per click is another underutilized yet very efficient method of drawing valuable traffic to your website. If you are not sure of how it works, our team of experts at Search Driven Labs will do it for you at a budget friendly rate and deliver amazing results that you will fall in love with.


What is pay per click?

Before we embark on doing your pay per click work for you, you need to know what it is all about. Pay per click is an advertising mode where the advertiser pays a publisher; usually a website owner to run an ad on their site. These ads are called sponsored ads and the publisher earns a constant amount once the ad is clicked. The ads are placed in relevant sites or sites with related content in order to attract more targeted traffic.


Our pay per click services

At Search Driven Labs, we offer you the most comprehensive pay per click services that you will come across on the web. We have a highly experienced and qualified team of experts that see to it that the PPC campaign is effective. The process is usually long but very rewarding; you will wonder why people claim that PPC does not give great results.


We start with keyword research in order to find the most suitable sites to sponsor your ads and then we generate a keyword catalog. After that, we embark on creating enticing ads and negotiating with suitable sites on which to sponsor the ads. Once this is done, we will do crack testing and presentation appraisal to inform you of the progress. Constant updating and optimization is also part of the deal and we only stop when you are satisfied with the results that you are getting.


One of the major advantages that you will realize from our pay per click services is constant flow of targeted traffic even when you do not have the best of search engine rankings. The traffic will even help you ranking. Also, you enjoy branding compensation due to increased website visibility. For all that and more, click here.